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It's here- a new podcast series from Denise -featuring great extended, exclusive interviews with some of your favourite LGBT actors, directors, authors, producers, singers, bands, and comedians. 

The new series of podcasts, available only on Podbean, is called "A Drink & a Chat"... and it brings you just a bit closer to some of your faves.  A comfortable, easy, fun conversation with some the biggest & brightest in our global LGBT community. 

Right now on "A Drink & a Chat" you can hear interviews with actress Jill Bennett, legendary singer Horse McDonald, and CEO of TelloFilms, Christin Mell. 

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Denise - Co-Host
Denise recently moved to England with her wife, after 25 years in Florida, and is the neurotic creator/dictator of the show. She survives on xanax and cocktails and recently discovered the joys of ambien.

Donna - Co-Host
Donna hails from Worcester MA, before moving to South Florida as a teenager. Still with the mind set of an actual teenager, Donna can usually be found browsing leather stores inhaling deeply, with her boi, Deb, the Mighty Meat King. 

Vicki - Our Producer
Vicki was created by a micro chip in the Buckeye State of Ohio, before settling in South Florida. You can find her buried under more technology than what any geek should own and possibly twisted in 109 different cords and cables.

Julie - Team Captain
Julie silently steers our ship, "The S.S. Dysfunction", keeping us afloat and on track, while playing many roles behind the scenes, including business manager and our referee.

Sarita - Intern Extraordinaire
Sara, aka: Sarita, is the youthful injection added to the show, who works her speed & magic, adding new tricks, and fearless ideas from afar with the talent she's learning as a Communications & Broadcasting major in the stinky state of New Jersey while putting up with Denise & Donna's bullshit, Diva-like demands and bossy nature.

Jemma- Denise's wife
The no-nonsense, logical, calm, problem solving Aussie that started out as an innocent listener before unleashing her plan on making Denise her wife and moving them to England.

Deb- Donna's long term partner
The mighty meat king- a butcher, by trade, but an MLR tour manager by butch standards, and the one who can keep Donna in line with just a "look". 

Read below for the whole story on "The Lesbian Lounge with Denise & Donna", the team, Contact Info & more!


Denise and Donna are two lesbians who have been best friends for 13 years and have not ever slept together, which, if you know the lesbian world, is totally worth noting. They hardly ever agree on anything. They have very different opinions when it comes to just about everything. They have polar opposite personalities, and yet they share the bonds of sarcasm, wit, a love of gossip, and more importantly, a bigger love of food ....ok, ...and in a very close run for top spot- a love of their global lesbian community. 

"The Lesbian Lounge with Denise & Donna" began in June 2006 on G.I.R.L. Radio aka: with the blessing, training and semi-patient guidance of Devan Christopher, then founder & CEO of the site. When the girls finally drove Devan to the brink of a total and complete meltdown from their incessant "Gilmore Girls" high energy chatter, he very wisely offered a parting-of-ways-deal that included a home of their own, rights to all their content, trademarks, licensing and a bunch of details that certainly don't concern any of you. But alas, suffice to say - it was a perfect combination of ignorance, arrogance and luck which afforded the ladies the opportunity to continue without so much as skipping a beat.

So, in 2009, was spawned from the internet Gods, purchased by fairy Godmothers and generously dumped into Denise & Donna's lap. To this day, it remains safely there and was the home of the live weekly show "The Lesbian Lounge with Denise & Donna".

This is how it went: every single Wednesday night - brought you the 2 hour talk show "The Lesbian Lounge" live streaming from the Florida studio. Even in 2011, the girls were live streaming with Donna in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Denise in London, England. But- all good things must come to an end.....


CUT TO NOW-- Present time! 

The "Lesbian Lounge" has become a DIRECT TO PODCAST show, no longer streaming live but still crackin' on. The "Lesbian Lounge" show gets recorded 1-2 times a month, sent straight to iTunes & Podbean and remains the same rowdy, food crunching, pant-wetting, laugh-inducing, informative, entertaining giggle fest it's always been, only now, instead of sitting in front of your computer for 2 hours on a Wednesday night while your ass grows bigger, you can refresh your iTunes feed, and take us with you on the go, anywhere, anytime: in the car, on your jog, at the gym, during your lunch, while you clean your place, while you wait for your flight, while your on the train, Tube, bus, or while your walking your dog-- as long as you have an iPod, iPhone, android phone, iPad, iTouch, Mp3 Player (weirdo!) or a laptop, we're with you!

                               MEET THE TEAM

The show itself is run by the nutty technology professor,  Producer Vicki in the Florida studio, with the help of diligent, adorable intern & assistant producer, Sarita, who's based in New Jersey. Our legal parental guardian is lovingly known as JRoe (or Julie, depending on how personal you want to be.) Also, part the show team are Jemma (Denise's wife, and the reason she's now in London), Deb, Donna's long time partner, who joins in studio when she gets a night off from a real grown up job and rounding out the cast of crazies is Hazel, long time supporter, and resident British expert. 

Sometimes there are guest hosts with D & D, like Denise Spivak, from Women in Network (WIN) of South Florida (aka: Win-Den) to add to the chaos. 

Basically, what you have here is the ONLY bi-continental, lesbian internet radio talk show complete with laughs, helpful information, entertainment and news that's important to our LGBT community. 

Here's the deal:  Denise & Donna bring you the latest on what's happening in their world, and YOURS- with info & updates on LGBT events, films, theatre, comedy, web series, websites, blogs, drink recipes, books, authors, bands, musicians, actors, directors, producers, apps, along with a ton of laughs and celebrity guests & interviews, spotlights on new music, advice to the folks who write in from is dished out on the show from the emails, and often they turn the tables on their listener audience by featuring them as guests on the show in a funny bit called "Getting To Know You". 

The successful format of standard show segments includes Favourite Tweets of the Week, Texts From Last Night zingers, Shout Outs, News & Gay Stuff, Celebrity or Guest Interviews, Getting to Know You, New Music Spotlight, Ask The Double D's,  Bar Tab featuring: the Cool Website, Blog, Place/Business & Drink, a run down of Events from All Over, and the End Song.

Now in their 8th year of co-hosting "The Lesbian Lounge", the ladies have racked up over 4.5 million downloads, even recording BONUS exclusive, extended interviews to iTunes & Podbean. 

 In addition to the "Lesbian Lounge",  the team in conjunction with ReallyWow Productions, LLC. will be producing some new podcasts with exclusive, extended interviews with some familiar LGBT famous face as well as a variety of new content including book chats with some of our favourite authors, conversations with great indie bands & performers from all over the globe, a multi-part series on the making of an indie film with it's writer, Shiralyn Lee plus special spotlights on creative projects happening from all kinds of international LGBT artists including comedians, singers, actors, directors, producers, authors, bloggers. As usual, you can find Denise hosting at many different local gay & lesbian events throughout the U.K., and Donna's familiar face at tons of LGBT events in South Florida.


Denise dove into the international LGBT community when she re-located to London in 2011, making appearances and announcing acts at both The Go-Go Festival 2011 in Kent and The L-Fest in Shrewsbury (2011-2012). Denise continues to showcase her writing by doing most of the cover interviews for the popular SHE Magazine -a leading source for women -13 years strong in South FL ( She also contributes to The Advocate and Shewired. Her interviews have included Wanda Sykes, Chely Wright, Joan Jett, Taylor Dayne, Margaret Cho, Fran Drescher, Sasha Alexander, Carmen Electra, Jessica Clarke, the cast of “Lip Service”,  Melissa Ferrick and Lucy Lawless.

Donna remains in Florida, serving her community by attending any event she can possibly fit into her calendar, plus sponsoring numerous events, volunteering at many LGBT functions, hosts and emcees at tons of gay & lesbian seminars & festivals, including Breast Fest 2012. Her fundraising efforts and charitable contributions have helped in annual toy drives, school backpack drives, and health conferences all over the South Florida region. 

"The Lesbian Lounge" on has been featured in CURVE Magazine, and have been voted "Best Lesbian Podcast" in their Curvey Award 2010 edition and by Kathy Belge of in 2008. The girls have been highlighted on and They were also featured in POWER UP Film's Quarterly Magazine in 2009, and have been awarded Lezzy Awards for Best Podcast two years in a row from - In the U.K., Denise has been featured in Diva Magazine (Oct 2010) and g3 Magazine (2010). Denise & Donna, together, have hosted the annual women's events at Gay Days in Orlando for the last 6 years, WomenFest in Key West, FL for the last 5 years, Spacecoast Pride in Melbourne, FL for 5 years, as well as many, many local festivals, fundraisers, music, and spoken word events all around Florida. 

"The Lesbian Lounge" is quickly becoming known for it's comfortable, candid interviews with such guests as Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Sharon Gless ("Cagney & Lacey" and "Queer As Folk"), Melissa Etheridge, Ilene Chaiken, Daniela Sea, Janina Gavankar (from "The L Word"), Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Suzanne Westenhoefer ("We Have to Stop Now"), Jill Zarin and Daniellle Staub ("The Real Housewives of NYC and NJ" of Bravo TV), Heather Peace ("Lip Service"), Leslie Bibb ("Talledega Nights", "GCB", "Popular"), POWER UP Film producers Lisa Thrasher & Stacy Codikow, director Jamie Babbit, Amanda Bearse ("Married With Childen") recording artists Taylor Dayne, Martha Wash, God-dess & She, Bitch, Lori Michaels, Horse, and comedians Judy Gold, Julie Goldman, Kate Clinton, Fortune Feimster ("Chelsea Lately"), Murray Hill, Dana Goldberg, Kate McKinnon, and Bridget McManus. 

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The ladies have also produced the first ever AUDIO comedy soap opera called "All My Girlfriends" available exclusively in 2014 from TelloFilms at  Written by Denise, directed by Donna and produced by Vicki, this lesbian romp is based (very) loosely on life in Florida and a tight knit group of friends who are on the slow rise to a low level of fame. Seasons 1 & 2 for purchase now. 

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